Board and Officers

Western Region President

Rodney Gillead

Mr.  Rodney Gillead, a Past President of the Western Region, has been a Life/Heritage member since 1987.  He again offers his leadership skills, administrative talents, and services as Western Region President. 

During his previous term as Western Region President, he traveled around the region attending speaking engagements; youth activities; air shows; book signings; and unfortunately, attending Lonely Eagle ceremonies. He is most proud of being able to facilitate Regional support to offer youth activities. 

While working diligently with the members of the TAI Finance Committee, he led the effort to increase the funds available for the regions’ youth activities allowing our region to sponsor activities in fourteen chapters. In addition, he served on the TAI Finance Committee (11 years); TAI Nominations Committee (6 years); TAI Board of Directors (12 years); TAI Development Committee (6 years).